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Dev Version

Release 1.2.6 / 1.0.6 (Tagger)

  • new function: $cwb_rand()
  • tagger window: if you select tag in tagger window with no open panels, tag in a pop up dialog.

Release 1.2.5 / 1.0.5 (Tagger)

  • "Tag in Tagger Window" context menu item
  • Tagger Window: Show files option
  • Tagger Window: Scan library for more tags option
  • Tagger Window: Pressing enter in the tag edit box will apply the changes...

Release 1.2.5 / 1.0.beta4 (Tagger)

  • %cwb_selection_count% (by popular demand)
  • tagger_window: Users can only toggle between off/on... indeterminate state can only be entered into automatically based on file tags
  • tagger_window: Only double clicking on label will create playlist now (before you could dbl click on checkbox too)
  • tagger_window: semi-colon is now the delimiter so you can have spaces in your tags... (should convert your old setup correctly)

Release 1.2.4 (hooks) / 1.0.beta 3 (tagger)

  • independant version number for tagger_window
  • tagger_window: double click a tag creates a playlist of files with that tag
  • tagger_window: Show Ratings Buttons option ( ON by default )
  • tagger_window: allow multiple instances, each with own properties (right click on panel to get to options)

Release 1.2.beta2

  • tagger window: work with multiple files
  • tagger window: work on the contents of the active playlist selection or now playing (whichever action happend last)
  • tagger window: when adding tags to the list box, also add them to the stored list of tags
  • tagger window: bug fixes - tested to work with foo_uie_tabs

Release 1.2.beta1

  • added rating radio buttons to tagger window
  • added filename display to top of tagger window

Release 1.2.beta0

  • $tdj_hotness function - $tdj_hotness(%first_played%,%last_played%,%rating%,%play_count%) (NOT WORKING)
  • Tagger Window (Applies only to currently playing song)


  • %cwb_created% - I may try to find a better way to do this (such as a way to tag the files) so that you dont have to go to disk everytime
  • added Stamp File Creation Time masstagger action you can use this to add a DATE_CREATED tag or whatever
  • Skip Action:
    • Under preferences -> Tools -> CWB Hooks, you can check the "Perform Action on Skipped Files" box, then select the action to perform.
    • I setup a masstagger script called "Increase Skip Count" that will add or increase the skip count tag on files that I manually skip over.
Action: "Format Values From Other Fields"
Destination Field: SKIP_COUNT
Formatting pattern: $if(%skip_count%,$add(%skip_count%,1),1)

Release 1.1.0beta

  • added timestamp action for tagging (example usage, add a ADDED timestamp when you add new files)
  • added new file tagger tool - allows you to run any context menu item on files added to library. useful with above scripting action for adding timestamp to new files (Preferences/Tools/New Files Tagger)

Release 1.0.14

  • update cwb_next_* variables when another playlist is activated
  • fixed missing update and notification of cwb_activelist_* on playlist changes
  • cwb_playing_index (1 based)
  • $cwb_fileexists() - returns whether a file exists. useful for determining whether albumart file exists. example: $cwb_fileexists($replace(%_path%,%_filename_ext%,)folder.jpg)

Release 1.0.13

  • added preferences option to turn on/off notifications.

Release 1.0.12

  • $cwb_wdhms() - weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • $cwb_splitnum() - converts "12345678" to "12 345 678". optional second paramater can be delimiter (i.e. comma for comma separated)
  • reduced callback notifications by posting one message for some items rather than all variables (cwb_next rather than cwb_next_title, cwb_next_artist, etc)

Release 1.0.11b

  • fixed callback on cwb_playback_order change.

Release 1.0.11

  • %cwb_volume%
  • %cwb_selection_duration% - in seconds
  • %cwb_activelist_duration%
  • %cwb_playinglist_duration%
  • $cwb_hms() converts a time in seconds into hh:mm:ss
  • %cwb_playback_state% - stop, play, pause

Release 1.0.10

  • preferences page
  • cwb_next_user1 and cwb_next_user2 - user definable fields for next song.
  • refresh cwb_next_* on playlist operations (reorder,add,remove)

Release 1.0.9

  • added service so other components can get notified of changes to cwb_hook variables

Release 1.0.8

  • %cwb_stopaftercurrent%
  • %cwb_followcursor%
  • if follow cursor mode is enabled, cwb_next_artist and cwb_next_title will now be correct

Release 1.0.7

  • %cwb_next_title% - title of the next song in the playlist of the playing item or the next item in the queue
  • %cwb_next_artist% - artist of the next song in the playlist of the playing item or the next item in queue
  • %cwb_playback_order%

Release 1.0.6

  • fixed incorrect way of getting active playlist
  • added %cwb_activelist_count% and %cwb_playinglist_count%

Release 1.0.5

  • $cwb_datediff(d1,d2) - number of days between two dates in the format yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
  • added %cwb_queue_end_playlist% (Chronial)
  • fixed $cwb_ltrim to not automatically add a space to the paramaters

Release 1.0.4

  • renamed all cwb hooks functions with cwb_ prefix
  • added %queueindexes%, %ltrim% and %queuelength% (from Chronial)

Release 1.0.3b

  • fixed non-refresh bug when removing items from queue (such as manual doubeclick on playlist item)

Release 1.0.3

  • %activelist%
  • %playlistlist%
  • %queueindex%

Release 1.0.2

  • added $removethe() function which removes "The " and "A " at the beginning of a string. Good for removing articles in the names of bands.
  • added %systemdate% [yyyy-mm-dd] and %systemdatetime% [yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss]
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