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Development Version

Release 1.2.3b

  • hopefully fixed a bug with interacting with panels ui

Release 1.2.3

  • recompiled with latest SDK


  • Fixed bug: adding new panel sometimes brought up editor for existing item

Release 1.2.2b

  • don't show item counts in first item if [All] is not being shown
  • don't update the listview if get_list() returns NULL

Release 1.2.2

  • singular form if only one artist, album, etc is present.
  • allow $tab() for alignment in columns (only available when using custom selection colors) "[All]" is currently not aligned correctly however.
  • option to populate the browser playlist on startup
  • option to display item counts in [All]
  • Added "Activate browser playlist" context menu item, which will not be displayed by default, but can be selected for selection actions and double click actions in playlist tree and keyboard shortcuts
  • option to display [All] or not

Release 1.2.1

New Features

  • Show itemcount in [All]

Bug fixes

  • fixed crash on selecting and double clicking the fake entries about shift+right clicking.

Release 1.2.0b

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug not allowing you to edit first panel

Release 1.2.0

New Features

  • more flexible panel configuration
    • There is a 255 character limit on format, headers and sorting strings
    • How Precedence Works:
      • panels with a lower precedence value will send selections to panels with higher precendence values
      • panels with the same precedence will affect each other only if the number is odd.
        • panels with a precedence of 0 will not be affected by any panels
        • panels with a precedence of 9 will be affected by all panels (including other 9's).
      • I know this seems complicated, but I think it covers any possibility

Release 1.1.10

  • updated to latest SDK and related fixes
  • faster row population using precompiled title formatting
    • works only on non %<tag>% formats
    • .26s vs .09s in my album panel

Release 1.1.9

Bug Fixes

  • if there is a playing playlist, save that info and restore it after activating browser playlist
  • ReleaseDC in custom draw
  • fixed HBRUSH leak

Release 1.1.8

New Features

  • Option to enable / disable populate on load

Bug Fixes

  • Case insensitive comparison for rows
  • changes to %<tag>% code

Release 1.1.7

New Features

  • Selected text color - focus, non focus
  • multiple tags using %<tag>% like playlist tree
  • @skip allows you to omit items from the list
    • Example: $if(%artist%,%<artist%>,@skip)

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Draw the selection bar to left edge of window - looks better IMHO
  • automatically change border style on changed in preferences (SWP_FRAMECHANGED)

Release 1.1.6b

  • Refresh only on files added or removed, not on modified

Release 1.1.6

New Features

  • Refresh browsers when media library changes
  • Custom drawing option, selection color, selection color - non focus
  • %_browser_selcount% - returns 0 if you select All or the number of items selected

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed double click on [All] bug


  • Renamed "Reset Browsers" to "Refresh Browser Contents"

Release 1.1.5

  • Upgraded to columns ui sdk 6.1

Release 1.1.4

Bug Fixes

  • fixed Click / double click on empty area in 2nd column area crash
  • double border - set border style of listview to none

New Features

  • Option to replace the previous playlist when sending a new one (if you are using TAGZ in the playlist name, this is useful so that many playlists are not created)
  • %_browser% - returns browser header in formatting in playlist name
  • %_browser_row% - returns the label of the row selected

Release 1.1.3

  • I think I fixed the memory leak
    • changed handle_mask from bit_array * to bit_array_bittable *
  • swtiched from get_info to get_info_locked
  • switched to directly posting the message to refresh from SetTimer. Timer was not working for some reason.
  • Added handling of show_config_popup => lets you choose formatting from columns ui layout by selecting "configure"
  • fixed sunken/grey/none edge style

Release 1.1.2

  • Better resizing magic
  • switched froms static GetDlgItem() to get_tree() referencing member variable HWND.
  • added hide column headers option
  • added edge style options
  • fixed input control bug that caused you to only be able to enter info for 7 or 8 panels

Release 1.1.1

  • fixed double click on fake entries crash ("Press Shift...")

Release 1.1.0

  • True multiple panels
    • unlimited number of panels
    • shift right click on panels to change their format / headers
  • Fixed issue with unncessary horizontal scrollbar occuring when vertical scrollbar added
  • Hide Horizontal Scrollbar Option
    • Resizing magic

Release 1.0.9

  • double click action

Release 1.0.8

  • selectable font
  • If only one playlist exists after find_or_create then activate it. Fixes bug that occurred when no playlists existed, one was created by browser, but not activated... the playlist would not get drawn...
  • when sorting by format, keep the list in order so that searches work faster...

Release 1.0.7

  • auto activate playlist option
  • User definable playlist
    • if it looks like TAGZ it will be formatted using the first item in the list... (not necessarily the first item that shows up in the playlist though, due to sorting)
    • %_browser_panel% will tell which panel did the activating...
      • if you click an item in panel 1 %_browser_panel% will be 1
      • if you click "[All]" in panel 1 %_browser_panel% will be 0
      • if sent from a reset panels or a context menu "Browse" command, %_browser_panel% will be 0.
  • use playlist_insert_items_filter to populate *Browse* playlist
  • definable sort criteria for each column

Release 1.0beta6

  • sort before sending to *Browser* playlist
  • strings with $ or % in them treated as TAGZ formats, others treated as multi-tags
  • Key processing in panels
  • Do not automatically activate *Browser* playlist

Release 1.0beta5

  • Fixed crash bug when removing panels

Release 1.0beta4

  • only sort by active headers
  • allow multiple tags (use "tag" for multitag, "%tag%" for comma delimted version)
  • sort columns individually
  • preferences page - change headers and formats
  • I messed up the order of the guid's for generating panels... so I generated new ones... This means that your layouts are going to be messed up... sorry...
  • text color option
  • background color option
  • use timers to avoid multiple updates on item changes

Release 1.0beta3

  • Added a library_viewer class so that Browser appears under Media Library Viewers in preferences (still no preferences or activation function so it doesnt do much except show up)
  • Fixed stupid debugging output I left in 1.0beta2

Release 1.0beta 2

  • 2006-03-24
    • Show selection always
    • Moved Reset Browsers into main menu under library
    • Moved "foo_browser" back to "Browse"
    • Browsing playlist = "*Browser*"
    • Panels named "Browser [HEADER]"
    • sort
    • Added #Title Panel which has the title *AND* the track number
    • row_info now has a bit_array mask rather than a complete list of handles for each row
    • Turn off redraw when repopulating
  • 2006-03-23
    • Added "foo_browser/Reset Browsers" in context menu
    • Moved "Browse" to "foo_browser/Browse" in context menu

Release 1.0beta1

  • 2006-03-23 - Initial Release
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