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Playing music from the Foobar database without a screen - From a forum posting by rabio



  • Foobar 0.9
  • Playlist Tree
  • Remote control for PC

configure Playlist Tree

  • "<%_overallindex%>: %_name%" as a Folder Format.
  • SPACE key to "add selection to active Playlist"

configure your remote control software (Girder,

assign a "search" key on the remote to do the following in order

  • focus: on the Playlist Tree Search box
  • keyboard: <ESCAPE> (to remove previous results if needed)
  • keyboard: "%_overallindex% IS "

assign an "OK" key on the remote to do this in order:

  • keyboard: <ENTER> (to search)
  • keyboard: <ESCAPE> (to remove previous results if needed)
  • focus: on the main Playlist Tree
  • keyboard: <SPACE> (to add the result to the active Playlist)

export a list of your music library as a raw text file using "Export All"

you can use Sed ( to format it using the following script as example:


sed -f sed-playlist_tree.sed d:\MusicList.txt > d:\MusicList.htm
del d:\MusicList.txt


# SED script
# Playlist Tree list txt>html formatting
# this script is intended for the following query
# $directory(%_path%,3)|$directory(%_path%,2)|%_directoryname%|%_filename%
# number of indentation characters "+" needs to be adjusted

# remove unneeded and %_overallindex% decoration
s/<0>: Playlist Tree//
s/>:/ -/

# delete leaves
/^+++++ /d

# font size and colour
s/^++++ /<font size="2" color="#000000">\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\;/
s/^+++ /<font size="2" color="#103070"><b>\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\&nbsp\;/
s/^++ /<font size="4" color="#2050A0"><b><br><br><br>/
s/^+ /<html><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text\/html;charset=utf-8"><font face="Arial"><font size="8" color="#3060B0"><b>/

# close tags after each line

Now to play anything from the back of your couch, or from the kitchen... you only need to grab your printed list, press "Search" on the remote, type the index and press "OK"

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